Minister's Musings                     February 2018


Rev. Betty Ann Brennan



Ministers Musings

by Rev. Betty Ann Brennan


"Love is within us. It cannot be destroyed. It can be ignored. To the extent that we abandon love we will feel it has abandoned us. Denying love is our only problem, and embracing it is the only answer. Through the power of love, we can let go of past history and begin again. Love heals, forgives, and makes whole." 
                           Ernest Holmes 


“I love you.” These are wonderful words to hear. Our biggest fear is that of rejection and our biggest joy is that of acceptance. What greater acceptance can we have than to be loved.

During this month of February that focuses on love, lets us concentrate on the truth that the Creator is synonymous with Love. Human love is so nice, but it sometimes has strings attached.

People make promises and vow vows that their love is undying. They pledge that nothing will ever happen to make them stop loving each other. However, in a short time something happens or is revealed and that promise is out the window. We must accept that the only source of continuing unconditional love comes from God.

To really experience the love of God, it is necessary to learn to love ourselves. Can you look in the mirror and love what you see, just as you are, unconditionally? If not – why not? Most likely it is because of what you see. When you look into those eyes in the mirror are you seeing the faults, defeats, inadequacies and general negative qualities or are you seeing success, beauty, competency and a lovable being? The choice is yours. If you have been looking at negative appearance – STOP! The truth is that you are a unique person with talents and abilities specific to you. You have no equal. You are on a one of a kind journey.

Your path has never been trod before. That is how unique you are. There is one thing that is common to all and that is the spark of divinity that permeates us all. That alone makes us lovable. Really believe this truth for yourself and give yourself the acceptance you desire. “I love you” because I have learned that as I love self I must extend that to all others as we are really all one on the spiritual side of life.

This year send yourself a Valentine and recognize for yourself love and acceptance. This is truly being in the kingdom of heaven. Please be your own valentine.

Love and blessings, 
Rev Betty Ann 








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