Minister's Musings                     December 2017


Rev. Betty Ann Brennan



by:  Rev. Betty Ann Brennan


Christmas is a very special time for me. I love all the activities, the shopping, the parties and especially contacting friends and family. These are the external signs of the season, but more important is the internal activity within each of us. 

Some people really dread the holidays because they look on the activities as a burden rather than a joy. Others feel loneliness more than ever. These are choices we make within ourselves. What ideas and anticipation are you considering as you read this? Just a simple statement can make a big difference. Say to yourself, “This will be the absolute best holiday season ever for me!” Consider all that supports you in choosing to experience joy at this time of year. 

May I suggest that instead of giving a gift that you be the gift. True caring for another is a wonderful gift. Lift the spirits of those around you and see how rewarding that gift can be. These are the gifts that you can dispense all year long. Hear your friends and relatives and honor who they are. Allow your authentic self to express and you will give the gift of joy to all you meet. Find a way to give yourself joy and have fun. 

There are lights, colors, decorations, familiar songs and a spiritual energy that can be exciting. There is also a focus on many of peace, unity, and love. Relax and allow this energy to carry you through all the activities at this time. I challenge you to go a step further this year and really catch the true spirit of Christmas which is the birth of the Christ within each of us. Focus on the truth of your own being. The truth is that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. 

Presents are nice, but the true gift comes from within. The true gift is the love that you give. The ideas of life that we place in motion now are the foundation for the events of tomorrow. If we are to experience more of the peace and plenty we desire, we must make that our vision and have it constantly alive in our consciousness. This is so important because we are determining not only our personal future but that of the entire planet. Ideas powered by the Christ consciousness can change any environment or circumstance. 

This can be the greatest year yet and without being an economic burden. This year indulge all those on your list with a gift of the spirit -- your spirit. Allow the joy of the season to permeate interaction with everyone you meet. Allow your authentic self to open to others with love and respect. Invite the Christ consciousness within you to shine forth for the good of your personal future and that of the entire planet. Ideas powered by the Christ consciousness can change any environment or circumstance.

Be consciously aware of your oneness with the Creative Force and alert to your own value as a conduit of this creativity. Open your heart at this loving time of year for Love points the way and Law makes that way possible. I give love to you all and see the brightest future for each one. Enjoy this Holiday Season as never before by moving through it from your spiritual center. 

Love and blessings, 
Rev. Betty Ann 









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