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God is all there is and ever will be.

The Center for Spiritual Living Pleasant Valley is a focal point of God in Action.

Every minister, every practitioner and every attendee is an individual expression of all that God is.

I affirm and declare that CSLPV prospers through God consciousness, which is our consciousness.

The people who desire love and support are drawn to our Center.

They bring their curiosity, time, talents and treasure.

Their children come, too, as our Junior Church grows and flourishes.

As CSLPV practitioners know that God is here, in us and with us, this Center offers ideas and opportunities, for growth, that satisfy a craving for spiritual growth and awareness in the Camarillo community.

With deep gratitude, for serving God and the community, we release these thoughts to Universe and they multiply and return to us in abundance and overflowing.

And, so it is! Amen.

Rev. Pam Geagan Rev. Pam Geagan Reverend Pastor Pam Geagan’s Mission Statement:

First and foremost I am a Science of Mind Practitioner, dedicated to "holding the high watch" and revealing the Wisdom, Health, Joy, Love, Prosperity of God in and through all circumstances and beyond all appearances.
Rev. Betty Ann Brennan Rev. Betty Ann Brennan Reverend Betty Ann Brennan’s Mission Statement:

To live by the principles of the Science of Mind. To teach and to heal. To know the truth in every situation and to assist others to experience the best of everything.
Dr. Sue Rubin Rev. Dr. Sue Rubin Rev. Dr. Sue's Mission Statement as a Practitioner:

"My most important role in life is that of the Religious Science Practitioner. This means my responsibility, wherever I Am and regardless of to see beyond every appearance to the indwelling, Divine perfection through and as all and everything."
Pamela Bailey Pamela’s Mission Statement as a practitioner:    

My mission as a practitioner is to know for myself and my clients the oneness of all life, the truth that it's all God, whatever the appearance, and to serve whenever needed with compassion. I know that the word of truth is powerful and sets cause into motion, and that the power of love is great enough to heal anything.  And so it is.
Jean Parcher Jean’s Mission Statement as  practitioner emeritus:

To serve when and where needed with dedication and integrity; To strive to stay fully in Principle with every treatment; To be awake, aware, alert, and truly alive each moment.

Jan Guzman

(On Sabbatical)

Jan’s Mission Statement:

My mission as a Practitioner is to help people to lead peaceful, healthy and joyful lives by knowing the Truth of who they are.
Joyce Cole Joyce’s Mission Statement as a Practitioner:

To bring clarity and understanding to those requesting treatment;To know that it is God working through me when doing prayer treatment work;To know that the power of thought followed by action brings about a positive result.
Marcia Bebe

Marcia Beebe

Marcia’s Mission Statement as a practitioner:


To know God is in all, through all, with all, and every where present.
To pray knowing God is the request and the answer and to share that knowledge constantly with love and compassion.

George "Buzz" Noe

Buzz's Mission Statement as a practitioner:


"To allow everyone to recognize the Truth of God's perfection in their life, regardless of illusions to the contrary that may appear to exist. God is, I am and ALL is Well!"



Shirlie Berman Shirlie Bermann  
Kathie Lane Kathie Lane

Kathie's Mission Statement as a practitioner:


My mission is to see God in everyone I meet and to feel God's love in all things.

What is a Practitioner ?

A Practitioner is a person of high spiritual consciousness and deep understanding who is trained in the art, the science, and the skill of Spiritual Mind Treatment. When you call on a Practitioner, know that you are in contact with someone who has devoted time and effort to learning how to offer effective affirmative prayer for others. A Practitioner also knows how to offer you compassionate support and a new perspective on the challenges of life. A Practitioner is a master at using the Spiritual Laws of this Universe to reveal our own innate wholeness.

Moreover, a Practitioner is licensed to practice professionally, is bound by a high code of ethics to respect your confidence, and is dedicated to the cause of helping others.

Keep in mind that a Practitioner, as well as being, an invaluable resource when there is a need for healing, can assist you in expanding your possibilities. They can help you unfold to wonderful, new life-experiences that are joyous, abundant, and filled with creativity!
We Know that with God all things are possible.

Therefore, whatever the Problem, There Is An Answer.


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