Practitioner's Corner                February, 2018                          

   Marcia Bebe     

Staying in Touch with God Awareness

“Self-Awareness is Not Enough” is the CSL Theme for the month of February. This theme puzzled me at first because I have always attributed “Self-Awareness” to my rather healthy state of being over the 72 years of my life.

Being aware of who I am and what my capabilities are has allowed me to go places and do things that contribute to my emotional and physical wellbeing. So now what? All of a sudden that same Self-Awareness is “Not Enough”? 

Well, the revelation to why my self-awareness is not enough came to me via a recent segment of National Public Radio where a scientist explained that a marked decrease in the Shellfish population along the California coast can be traced to the great increase in carbon emissions from our Human population. 

Carbon is absorbed out of the air by seawater where it soon creates a toxic environment for the Oysters and Clams living in those waters. She, along with other scientists have been searching for some solution to this problem and recently have had a solution reveled to them! 

Underwater plant life appears to be the answer. Seaweed, Seagrasses, Kelp and any other plant that lives in water, have the capacity, just like trees on land, to absorb the carbon and lessen the toxicity of the undersea environment.

And that's when I realized that God, Spirit, The Universe, call it what you will, ALWAYS has the solution at hand for ANY situation that may occur. There simply is NO challenge to any aspect of life that does not also have a solution readily available. 

But as this Scientist on the radio pointed out, once we, in our human consciousness, know and trust that a solution IS at hand, we simply have to then get out of the way and allow God to reveal that solution to us. 

If we focus only on what we Humans, on our own, can do for this or that situation, drawing solely on “Self-Awareness”, we are then putting up a blockade to God's solution being revealed. So, the lesson here is simple: Know there is a higher power that has the answer to any problem and that answer will NOW be revealed. 

And as a treatment... 

I know there is One God, One creative intelligence that manifests all that is in existence right now. 

I am alive in the now and thereby, One with God. I am the expression of God's creativity right here and right now. 

I know that as I allow myself to trust in the infinite intelligence of Spirit, I know that any challenge I face has, along with it, the revelation of the perfect solution. 

I need only top trust in this power, this intelligence and get out of the way for the solution to be revealed to me. 

I thank God for this Awareness of the infinite healing nature of God and allow my Self-Awareness to get out of the way of its revelation!

I now release these thoughts into that same Infinitely Creative Intelligence of God, know that as I say these words, they are manifest for me right here and right now!

And so it is!

Blessings and joy,

George “Buzz” Noe, RScP


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